Wednesday, 7 May 2008

A Few Words from Dave

Some people have asked me why I'm doing this ride for the NSPCC. Good question.

When I became a dad somehow my whole outlook on life changed - responsibility, responsibility!Everything I did and do were/are for her. Introducing her to things, going on holiday, meeting people, going to McDonalds etc. Being there for her if she was ill or just wanted to talk and ask silly questions, and sometimes serious ones too.

Some kids don't have anyone to talk to or go out with or to love. The NSPCC stands out as a large children's charity that everyone recognises. Yes there are many children's charities to choose from but this was the one I went for as they are there to help and listen when poor innocent children need someone to see them through their individual problems.

I hope the money we raise helps to put a smile on some sad faces, so please feel generous and get your hard earned cash out no matter how small/large a sum. You will go to bed feeling a better person than you were before.

Dave and Isabell

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well done you!
Everyone here at Marhill High School in Kidsgrove was cheering you on all the way.
We had our summer concert last night. We never charge an entrance fee - but we always raise money for a different charity every year. It is with pleasure that I can tell you the students raised £190 towards your 10K goal.
Now can we all have a go on the trike? :)
Jo Watton, students and staff at MHS

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