Friday, 13 June 2008

Page 2 Stunners

Clive and Dave made it into the Newport Advertiser last week and The Sentinel on 31st May. This weekend look out for an interview with Clive in the Sunday Mercury and a photo feature of their journey is set to appear in the August issue of The Shropshire Magazine.

Advance donations are still coming in (thanks so much everyone) and we hope that there will be a flurry of wallet opening after they return on 22nd June. We will post some pics and travel notes up to prove that they did indeed visit each of the eight cities!

So, it's nearly time. Helmets on. Visors down. Engines revved.

There will be a wee send-off at The Badger in Eccleshall around 1.00pm. They set off at 2.00pm.

Wish them luck!

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