Monday, 23 June 2008

We Make it Home!

Before Leaving the Badger Pub.
And after we've done the 8 cities.


After only 6 days we make it back to Blighty, lovely warm weather throughout Europe and freezing when we hit the UK. So much so Nathan abandons Dave for the warmth of the Van and Ian relaxes on the back of Dave. If only Ian's attention deficit disorder could be cured as after the first mile he was bored.

Ian celebrating the final leg of our journey.
Ahh the wind in my face!
At least Ian can rehydrate while riding on the back of this beast!
Dave, Ian and Clive.

Channel Tunnel
Owing to BIG Dave's Motion sickness we wimp out and use the Chunnel. This is the first experience for Nathan, Ian and Dave who are all very impressed with the efficiency of this service. If only we had had more time to hit the duty free!!

Dave, Nathan and Ian.
Dave, Ian and Nathan.

Our last night


After a long hard push we hit our final objective city number 8, Paris. This was only 5 and a half days after leaving Eccleshall on Sunday lunchtime! Perhaps next time we could 10 cities in 8 days!!

Dave and Clive.

Nathan and Ian.

Notre Dame.
Eiffel Tower in distance when entering Paris.
River Seine
Latin Quarter. Dave and Clive.
Notre Dame

Service Station

Clive's Office - Sat Nav, phone and Blackberry - who needs anything else - well maybe BEER!!!

River Rhein. Austria/Czech border.

Clive on Dave's trike.
Ian shattered after hours of riding.
Attention at Dave's trike.
Dave resting.


Egger Bier - Nathan, Clive and Dave.
Bern near clock tower - Dave, Clive, Nathan and Ian.
Outside church building.

Dave polishing his helmet.

Football area of Bern. Nathan, Dave and Clive.
Nathan, Dave and Clive.

Outside hotel. Clive, Nathan and Dave.

Clive outside 'Jack Jones' shop.


Clives cheese and ham salad.
Nathan, Ian and Dave in Lindau.

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