Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Long way from home

The Journey so far has been fast and furious traveling many miles along boring motorways. We apologise for our photos but the time for sight seeing hasn't been with us until this evening in Berlin where we visited the Brandenburg Gate. Subsequent photos will hopefully be more entertaining.

5th city visited - Berlin - 1250 miles done so far - almost half way.

The Team enter Germany.

A thousand miles take its toll on Jonesy.

And so on to Berlin. Dave and Nathan pounding the autobahns.

Our second night was spent at a fantastic hotel in Amsterdam found by Lisa manning the G8 mission control, many thanks for finding a comfortable bed and wonderful meal, although the cheese was a bit iffy.

About to leave Luxembourg (city 3) next stop Amsterdam.

One of the famous landmarks in Luxembourg that we could find - Sorry Luxembourg!

Ian ready to go following a short stop in Brussels

From Dunkirk to Brussels. Our 2nd city.

Leaving Dover Sunday night showing the white cliffs.

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- said...

Looks great so far! Well done, looking forward to more pictures and tales of being knackered.


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